Project* needs your help

[Edit: I've now met my ChipIn goal. See my Thank you post if you're still interested in helping out Project*.]
Development of Drupal core as well as all contributed modules relies on the Project and Project issue tracking modules (collectively called Project*). We've planned some big changes for these modules, and you can help make this happen sooner rather than later. Derek Wright (dww), Chad Phillips (hunmonk), and myself (Adam Light, or aclight on, have all expressed interest in working together at DrupalCon Boston 2008 to get some significant work done on Project*. What we (and especially I) need is financial assistance to make sure that the three of us are able to come together and start coding.

Derek and Chad have their own Chip-in widget for donations [Edit: their goal has now been completed--congratulations] but I have my own here. Contributions will go towards the registration fee, airfare, lodging, food, transportation, and any other related expenses.

In case you're not familiar with my work in Project* and elsewhere, here are a few things I've worked on or am working on at the moment:

  • Getting free tagging for issues (or at least tagging) up and running on Depending on the final implementation, this new module will allow users with the appropriate permissions to change the taxonomy terms assigned to a node from within a comment on that node (example). Ever wanted to tag an issue with "newbie", "pgSQL", or "javascript" terms? This module will make it happen. [Update: As of 17Feb2008, I have created the Comment alter taxonomy module.
  • Comparing other issue trackers to get an idea of what we're doing right and where we have room for improvement. For example, I recently posted a thorough comparison of the Project issue tracking module with the Google code issue tracker.
  • I was one of the administrators of the Google Highly Open Participaton (GHOP) project. We've gotten students to complete about 120 tasks of various natures.
  • I was the mentor for two Project* related GHOP tasks. One task added automated creation of project issue nodes and comments, and one that adds a filter that turns issue node references in posts into links to the issue itself.

For more information on Project* see the Issue tracking and software releases group and the Project* Roadmap for Drupal 6.